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A worldwide brand can be considered as a product source based company that functions is to qualify and trace factory sanctioned wholesale suppliers and those wholesale manufacturers who are eager to put up for sale home businesses as well as online retailers in other terms, this is a company that offer wholesale and drop shipping programs. As an entrepreneur or as a starter in any business that you might be thinking about, it is important that you look for a certified drop shipping company that will help or will contribute to success of your business. If you are considering worldwide brands company, here are some of the questions that you will just have to ask yourself.

  1. a) Will their services save your time, money and they not scammers?
  2. b) Will their system transit your business from affiliate market thus your business makes more cash?
  3. c) Will their services help you to keep the difference between markup and wholesale price?

This company operates on a paid membership of $300 where you can be in a position to access the database. This will enable you to know that you are not going to be scammed in any way. But for you to be added to worldwide brands database, you just have to agree to their terms and conditions. The company will contact you personally whether you are a wholesaler or a drop shipper and do a rigorous audit first. They do that to ensure that you are legitimate and reliable. Services provided by this company are for those who are looking to start a business in either;

  • Wholesale- where you will be purchasing items in bulk, store the items in your office, home or store later on pulling them and you individually ship them to each customer. You then keep the retail profits which are 100%.
  • Dropshipping- this is a business where goods are pulled stored and shipped by a third party. As a third party you will receive daily ledger and you will handle all fulfillments and you will only charge drop ship fee for each item sold.

However, these services do not belong to any affiliate marketers or any sales where there is no communication between the worldwide brands dropshippingproduct source and the seller. As a paid member of this company you will be able to access the dashboard which will enable you to search for products that you want. Also you will receive updated information about retail and possible suggestion on re-sale pricing for all products. If you are searching for a product that you would like to sell and at the same time compare the offering, worldwide brands will provide you with all their contact information.

This company is worth being a member because it has forum where if you have any question, it will be answered by a drop of a hat. The company has a dedicated dropshipping who helps newbie entrepreneurs. The company is actually good especially the support tickers that it has and the member forums as well. The customer service that you will get for this company is one thing that you will need all the time and enjoy. Thinking of joining? Your availability will be their priority.